Free for a Week: Mental Health in SEND

We’re delighted to launch a new feature for YouCan: Free for a Week

We want to give you an opportunity to sample some of the content you would get to enjoy as a personal or an organisational subscriber so we’ve been asking you on Twitter which course you’d like us to make Free For a Week.

This week you chose Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Pupils with SEND so that’s free on the website now. Enjoy!


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  1. I found the Breaking the cycle of emotionally based school avoidance (refusal) course very thought provoking. It has given me some ideas to use in school once we are back. There may be more anxiety in more pupils after this time and the ideas in here will really help us.
    I work in a small team on attendance so am looking forward to sharing what I have learned with them.

  2. Thank you very much for providing these online courses free for a week they are very helpful and informative thank you very much.

  3. Great on line courses mental health course for new teachers
    some ideas may also be used for any member of staff not just for new teachers
    will defanately pass details onto others
    All good