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Welcome to this course which I hope will provide you with lots of practical ideas and build on your existing skills and knowledge. It’s suitable for anyone working with or supporting an autistic child or indeed any child as these ideas are developed for autistic children but universally helpful.

I hope you find the course helpful and that some of you will choose to join me for the live learning session about supporting autistic children to return to school which I’m leading on 18th June at 4pm.

If you’ve got questions to ask, or ideas, resources or experiences to share, head over to Facebook where you can add to existing discussions, or start your own.

This course will be free to access from Sunday 31st May to Sunday 7th June 2020. Please share it far and wide with anyone who you think would find it helpful. If you share our free courses with your network or team and would like a heads up a couple of days before the new ones go live, please add yourself to this mailing list.

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Pooky – @PookyH

P.S. Yes you WILL get a certificate at the end! Once you’ve completed all the modules, your certificate will be emailed to you.