This module is a brief summary of the whole course and a few general pointers as we reflect on what we’ve learned.  

Annie McGowan a trainee educational psychologist from Southampton kindly shared with us the notes she made on this course which you might find a helpful aide-mémoire.

You may also find these resources developed by Mary Meredith at Lincoln Country Council helpful:

And I would highly recommend the toolkits developed by the team at West Sussex County Council which you can access here.

Pooky Ponders Podcast…

I’ve recently launched a podcast that you might enjoy – in each episode I explore a big question with a brilliant person. You can see all episodes here. Recent questions of interest include How can schools take a trauma informed approach post pandemic? with head teacher Stuart Guest and How can we support children with special needs to return to school? with SEN lead Kat Lang . Search for ‘Pooky Ponders’ wherever you usually listen to your podcasts.

Stuart Guest’s closing words during his podcast blew me away and are well worth 40 seconds of your time:

Course Discussion