Childrens counselling

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Or play therapy


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  1. Hi – I’d love to know more about what you’d like from this course; is it about developing specific skills to use directly with children? And are you looking to develop the skills and ideas of existing counsellors / therapists or of staff who are would like to run these kinds of interventions but come from a lay background?

    [email protected] if you’d like to discuss in more depth! I have added this suggestion to my ‘to develop’ pool…

  2. Introduction to Counselling Children and Young People would be good or introduction to play therapy
    Just I am outline together people interested

  3. Hi 

    Just emailing about the training 

    Introduction to childrens counselling 

    Listening skills 

    Child development 

    Techniques to support a child’s understanding of thoughts feelings 

    Introduction to play therapy 

    Play skills 

    Hope this helps think your doing a great job