Managing Emotions and Anxiety Around Year 6 Transition

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Year 6 children are currently facing a huge unknown in the form of primary to secondary transition. It would be really interesting to hear a bit more about how we can support these students when many of the normal transition mechanisms aren’t able to function.


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  1. First we need to find out how the children are feeling as individuals as this transition will affect them all differently, some may be able to express how they feel and some may not, for some of them this is a very big step, from being the oldest in the school to being the youngest. Listening to the children and helping to put things in place at school as well as at home i think would be helpful to them.

  2. I would also be really interested in this type of discussion/course. Any ideas/resources/activties that could be used to support children with ASD in periods of transition.

  3. Again to support me in supporting the children at school but also on a personal note to help me support my daughter better with any transition within school. Every change causes extreme responses and outbursts.