Supporting children with attachment difficulties

2 months agoWe love it!11

It would be good to get tips and strategies for supporting children who have attachment difficulties – what can be done to help these pupils build positive relationships that help them feel safe and secure in school? What approaches help children who struggle with attachment?


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  1. Hi Pooky, I have just joined and excited about some of the new courses you have to offer, especially attachment and resilience in children. kind regards, Ali

  2. I would be very interested in learning more on this subject

  3. This would be a lovely course as it will benefit so many in school but also support me at home with my 10 year old who suffers with anxiety and is under assessment for possible ADHD and Autism, but due to her anxiety she is afraid to spend anytime at her dad’s (35 miles away) or spend time away from me at her grandparents (0.5 miles away from her home).

  4. Great suggestion! This comes up in lots of our courses but I will look to commission something specific.