Supporting Children With Dyspraxia

2 months agoWe're working on it11


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  1. This would be great please. My son waiting on a diagnosis. To help understand all ways affected and how to best support at home and at school 🙂

  2. This would be a great course, it always seems the poor relation to dyslexia (which doesn’t get the attention it deserves itself) so not many great resources and help to support children. My eldest is Dyslexic & Dyspraxic and I feel it’s the dyspraxia that mainly impacts her, if it’s possible to separate them

  3. I’m a dyslexic teacher. it would really be useful for other teachers to understand dyslexia as I was neglected at school and didn’t receive the support.

  4. I am an adult with Dyspraxia and work in a Autism specialist school. It would be great if there was a course. As Dyspraxia is a condition that is never highlighted or spoke about.

  5. I commissioned this course and it will be going live soon. thanks for a great suggestion. We are also hoping to run some live learning in addition to the on demand course