Teaching Assistants support

2 months agoWe're working on it6

I am a TA and work long hours often trying to support the teachers. I am aware that I need to do better self care TAs try to please ans supoort many people.


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  1. I agree – I’d love to see some courses specifically for TAs, for me personally aimed at those in secondary and working across subjects etc would be really useful.

  2. Thanks for this suggestion. It’s currently being filmed -there will be two courses, one for team leads about how to support the wellbeing of your team and specifically about self-care for TAs. This will be in addition to some other courses specifically for teaching assistants. These will start going live in the coming weeks.

  3. I know I would definitely benefit from any T.A.-related courses; I have only been a T.A. since the beginning of January this year, so was there 2 and a half months, then Lockdown happened…

    (I am a T.A. in a S.E.N.D. School for students with SLCN’s, many also who have an Autism diagnosis).

    Loving the look of many of these courses, Pooky! 😀