Using art to nurture during the return to school

2 months agoWe love it!4

Thank you for the SWAN course and for the Supporting Bereaved Children course – I appreciated the simplicity of the approach and delivery at this tricky time, it made it easier for me to digest. I am an Art teacher/specialist in a Primary setting and I am aware that creating art and mindful creative activities will help when we return to school. Could you design a course around the basics of using art in this way? I am very aware that I am not an Art or Play therapist and do not want to find myself, or my colleagues, in a situation that we are not experienced or trained to deal with – but I do want to know how to use art in a more supportive way (as well as making sure the children have some arty fun when we get back!). I would also appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of any obvious sources regarding this. Thank you and with all best wishes, SH.


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  1. Great suggestion. I’ve commissioned some work re play, but I think art would be a fab session to run too. I’m on the case…

    1. Thank you Pooky, I think this will be very popular and we are very excited about it at school already! I look forward to taking the course.