Master Middle Leadership: Secondary Heads of MFL

£495.00 plus VAT

A development programme aimed at new or aspiring heads of modern foreign languages in secondary schools or colleges wishing to build on their knowledge, skills and confidence in the role.  You’ll learn through a combination of live, on demand and on-the-job learning with regular input from your expert course lead as well as peer support from your cohort.

This is a 2-term programme in 4 parts:

  1. Develop yourself as a leader of MFL
  2. Lead and manage the MFL team
  3. Audit & improve your curriculum & assessment
  4. Improve outcomes for students


Why should I choose this course?

  • It is a practical development programme, anchored in the day-to-day reality of running a department; there are no distracting, irrelevant assignments to complete.
  • It follows a focused, logical sequence and blends instructional videos with live coaching sessions and an online forum, all led by experienced experts in the field; there is no unrealistic and unhelpful theory from academia, just real-life learning.
  • It provides real tasks that will help you lead your subject team and improve your discipline; there are no formal essays to write or panel interviews to pass.

How is this course structured?

This is a 2-term programme in 4 parts:

  1. Develop yourself as a leader of MFL
  2. Lead and manage your team
  3. Audit and improve your curriculum and assessment practices
  4. Lead on pedagogical developments and improve outcomes for students

How is this course delivered?

This is a blended course that provides flexibility and support.  You will get:

  • Access to a network of MFL leads at a similar stage of development – get answers to all the questions you’re too afraid to ask in school.
  • 5 live webinar sessions for coaching and mentoring, to ask questions of the course leader, and to share ideas and experiences with colleagues.
  • 12 on-demand online courses, 3 per half term, designed specifically for you.
  • Access to a library of additional on-demand courses, specially curated for you to help tailor the programme to meet your development needs.

What will the modules cover?

Term 1

  • Live webinar 1: An introduction to the programme
  • Optional module: How to get your first subject leader role

Part 1: Develop yourself as a subject leader

  • Module A: How to be a successful leader
  • Module B: How to be a successful manager
  • Module C: How to be an effective leader of MFL
  • Live webinar 2

Part 2: Lead and manage a subject team

  • Module A: How to manage people
  • Module B: How to manage provision
  • Module C: Ofsted and the ‘deep dive’ in languages
  • Live webinar 3

Term 2

Part 1: Audit and improve your subject curriculum and assessment practices

  • Module A: How to design an ambitious curriculum
  • Module B: How to design an assessment system
  • Module C: How to develop the MFL curriculum
  • Live webinar 4

Part 2: Lead on pedagogical developments and improve outcomes for students

  • Module A: How to engage in subject improvement planning and quality assurance
  • Module B: How to lead teaching and learning
  • Module C: How to develop effective pedagogies in MFL and track progress
  • Live webinar 5

Event Details

Day 1: 11 December, 2020

Day 2: 15 January, 2021

Day 3: 12 February, 2021

Day 4: 12 March, 2021

Day 5: 7 May, 2021

Start time: 16:00

End time: 17:00